The trip with Simone and Evert to ‘Working with Wildlife’ in the Kalahari was fantastic. This trip combines different things, which makes the week very varied. In addition to learning to take better photographs by two super photographers, we also had the opportunity to learn (a lot) about nature and South Africa and we were allowed to be part of the ‘Working with Wildlife’ team for a short while and help them with maintaining this enormous area. You won’t experience this anywhere else and it can rightly be called a once in a lifetime experience!


After I had been following Simone on social media for a long time and kept thinking: “Oh, I would like that too, but a photo trip, no, I don’t have enough experience for that” I could no longer resist the temptation of the beautiful photos and stories and I have booked. And…. I’m so glad I did that!!! It was an unforgettable trip; intensive, because long days and getting up early. But it was so worth it!

As already mentioned on the site, I can now emphasize that the photo tour is really for every level. I certainly did not feel inferior thanks to the group and the guidance of Simone and Evert. The trip was everything and more than I could imagine. The time you get with the animals is so nice, to photograph but also to take in everything.

I learned a lot from it. Things that I can use for all my further photos, but certainly also Simone’s knowledge about the behavior of the animals and the area where we stayed. I thought that was a valuable addition. I came home with so many beautiful photos! It was only one week, but it felt like at least two weeks because you see and experience so much. You should definitely experience it!

I’m already looking forward to my next trip with Simone.

I saw the announcement of the photo tour on Facebook. My big dream: one day on safari. But as a single woman you obviously don’t go to these kinds of countries on your own. And I couldn’t take pictures either. Still, I sent a message and it turned out: it didn’t matter at all that I can’t take photos.

‘If you want to learn it, you can and if you don’t want to, well then you just go along for the ride…’, said Simone. Hmmm… I thought about that for two seconds, but decided: if you do it, then good. So I, with the help of Simone, looked for a suitable second-hand camera, which also seemed sellable, because suppose I no longer did anything with it after the safari.

And she advised me to rent a lens. The latter was not an unnecessary luxury, because without that telephoto lens everything would have been much less cool. This allows you to see so much and brings the animals to you. Practicing for the trip? It was recommended, but it didn’t happen. That turned out not to be a problem either. On day one I didn’t even know how to put that rented lens on the camera and on the last day I photographed all the animals like an accomplished National Geographic photographer. Well, that’s how I experienced it anyway. 😉

It was a wonderful trip… And I am amazed at how beautiful the photos turned out. With a lot of patience and a chuckle and a wink, Simoon taught me the tricks. Evert told me where to sit, ‘and now it’s better to go to the other side of the car, where the light is better.’ I took his word for it, because where the light is better was a mystery to me. But with the help of these two professionals I came a long way.

My dear traveling companions, who had more experience with photography and had been on safari before, shared everything with me. At first I was worried that they would consider me a burden because I couldn’t do it. But nothing turned out to be further from the truth. They helped me and we admired each other’s photos, and we screamed about everything. The atmosphere was great.

The trip was, in one word, AMAZING!!! I can’t think of another word for it. I laughed a lot and looked with admiration at nature and the animals in their natural habitat. Travel through the beautiful landscape every day, have lunch in the wilderness. Through the water with the 4×4… Everything was arranged perfectly. All you have to do is pack and go. The rest has been taken care of. I recommend everyone to experience this, even if only once in your life. And you can’t take photos? So no sweat… Take a look below at what I accomplished in six days… So you can do that too… How cool is that?

There is only one risk if you go along…. You probably want more. And that camera? I’ll hold on to that for a while.

This really is a very nice trip where everything is arranged to enable you to take pictures that you always wanted to take but perhaps thought you could never do as an amateur.


In March 2019 I traveled to South Africa to participate in Simone’s photo tour in the Greater Kruger. What a wonderful experience that turned out to be!

Everything was arranged down to the last detail. The camps where we stayed – Shindzela Tented Camp and Umlani Bush Camp – were a pleasant stay. The food was fantastic, the staff exceptionally friendly and helpful, and the tents and cabins were comfortable. The game drives that we did twice a day were always exciting and very impressive! You never know what you will encounter, or whether you will get any animals in front of your lens at all. Thanks to the experienced rangers and trackers and Simone’s knowledge of the bush and the animals that live there, we saw and learned a lot.

I came home with many fantastic photos. My expectations have been more than exceeded. After this trip, one thing is certain: I will definitely go back to the bush of South Africa again! Thank you Simone for this unforgettable trip!


Ever since I can remember I wanted to go to Africa, but this seemed financially out of reach. Until Simone approached me with her safari trip. I deliberately leave out the word photo tour because I am not a photographer, but just someone with an enormous love for nature. My husband and I decided that we would like to share this experience with Simone, but then we would also like to see more of South Africa. A huge plus is the collaboration that Simone has with Ingrid from Backroads Africa, because this allowed Ingrid to plan the rest of our trip.

Once in the Timbavati we had one surprise after another! I am not used to camping and was therefore very curious about the first tented camp, how would I like this? I have only one answer to this: AWESOME! I have never felt so free and so connected to nature and animals. But I also got all the usual luxuries: a wonderful bed, fantastic shower and excellent meals. After spending the first two nights here we had to move on to the bush camp, we didn’t want to leave.. but this camp exceeded our expectations even more! Luckily because we stayed here longer!

The game drives are absolutely magical… being so close to the wild animals in an open jeep and being part of their lives is indescribable. A lot of time is taken and even as an unprofessional photographer I was able to take photos that I am more than proud of! The nice thing about the fact that you are traveling with a professional photographer is that Simone really wants and can help you. She explains everything calmly and gives good tips. In any case, I have switched away from the automatic mode since the trip and feel a lot more confident with my camera.

Oh well, I can’t wait to go back!