Exclusive 8-Day Photo Tour to Kenya: Masai Mara

(February 21 – 28, 2025; only 4 spots left) 


Magical Masai Mara! Think of safari and you’ll think of this place. Endless landscapes, typical African trees and lots of wildlife, especially big cats. I am organizing another wonderful guided photo trip to the Masai Mara Kenya in collaboration with WOW Safaris: 6 days of shooting in one of the most fantastic places on earth.

fotosafari Kenia

The Masai Mara

The landscape of the Masai Mara is like many people imagine Africa: vast grasslands with the occasional tree, usually an acacia. This iconic reserve, located in the south west of the country, is set at an altitude of 1500 to 2100 meters. It is intersected by two major rivers, the Talek and the Mara. It is part of the Serengeti eco-system, which being over 30,000 square kilometers is one of the largest nature reserves in Africa.


Because the Mara is so wide and vast, you will find many large groups of animals here: hundreds of zebras together, large groups of gazelles, elephants or wildebeest. And all that wildlife also attracts a lot of cats. In the Mara you have a good chance of seeing lions, leopards and cheetahs. In short: a week to die for!

Time and place

November to February is less busy than the high season and therefore ideal for photography. The typical and very recognizable open savanna landscape (with gently sloping hills and the occasional acacia tree) in the Mara offers great opportunities to take sunset and silhouette shots.

This trip goes to the so called ’triangle’. This is a conservancy that’s separate from the main reserve and therefor less visited and less crowded, which gives the animals more space to be.


The focus is the game drives in the semi-open Landcruiser but optional guided bush walks, a visit to a local Masai village or even a hot air balloon ride can also be part of your experience. This is the perfect opportunity for exciting encounters and great photography!

fotoreis Kenia

Who is welcome

This trip is for anyone who loves nature, enjoys taking pictures and has the patience to observe quietly and wait for that one great moment! Although it is a photo tour, you really don’t have to be a professional photographer or a very experienced safari traveller. Even if it’s your very first time holding a camera, you’re welcome. Everyone will get support on their own level!

I simply want you to fully enjoy all that Africa has to offer, especially all those wonderful cats! And I want to give you plenty of opportunities to take great photos, at any level. Photographing wildlife sometimes requires some different skills than what you may be used to, but I can definitely help you with that.

Do realize though that Kenya is not a European country. There are not always toilets nearby, there is not always electricity and the food is sometimes different than you are used to (with a lot of Indian influences!).

There is only room for 3 ór 6 people per trip, so don’t wait too long – this is really a great offer for a super cool and exclusive safari!

“This really is a very nice trip where everything is arranged to enable you to take pictures that you always wanted to take but perhaps thought you could never do as an amateur”. (Maarten Koek – Van Maris)

leeuwin schudt haar manen na de regen
tawny eagle
zebra's en gnoes in ochtendlicht

a selection of my images, taken in Kenya


Overnight stays

The first night you’ll sleep in the Progressive Park Hotel in the capital Nairobi. The next day we’ll start early with the 4 to 5 hour drive to the Masaai Mara where we should arrive around lunchtime.

We stay in a beautiful lodge in the middle of the Mara Triangle: Mara Serena Safari Lodge. The accommodation offers twin and double rooms, each with their own ensuite bathroom. They all have a private balcony that overlooks the Masai Mara: breath taking!

The lodge also offers a swimming pool, wifi, a nice restaurant and even a spa and a gym.

Zebra Plains Camp
Simba Lodge
Simba Lodge

Our safari vehicles

We go out on a drive in the reserve daily. We use semi-open 4×4 safari Landcruisers: the perfect way to see animals and take pictures!

Six clients normally fit in such a vehicle, but because we want to give you the best opportunity to take beautiful pictures, we will never be in the car with more than three clients (we will sit in the front seat next to our guide – in the back there’s three rows of seats, so a full row available to every guest). This way, everyone has enough space for their camera equipment and you can easily shoot from both sides of the car. In addition, the roof can also be opened, so you can also photograph from a higher vantage point (ideal when the grass is a bit higher).

safari vehicle
safari vehicle
safari vehicle

Your guides and tour hosts

An experienced guide will accompany you from WOW Safaris who will drive the car, manage the communication via radio and telephone (with which we are in contact with other cars in the area) and who has the final responsibility. He is a guide who is also used to working with (professional) photographers or film crews, which means that he knows how to position the car ideally for photography and how you can play with the light as a photographer or videographer. And of course, he knows everything about animal behaviour and their movements.

In addition, I will accompany you as a photographer. That means I can teach you a lot about wildlife photography. Think of the right camera settings (which are very different for wildlife than, for example, portrait photography or weddings), how you can make optimal use of the light, and how you can create creative wildlife images with special techniques. I do this during the drives, but also in camp where I can help you with tips for selecting or post-processing your photos in Lightroom.

A second vehicle will be added to the trip in case I have enough bookings for that. This second vehicle will also have a driver/guide from WOW Safaris and a second WOW-guide who is a very experienced wildlife photographer. During the week we will swap everyone in such a way that you’ll learn lots from all of us!

Simone Wildlife Photography

Simone Janssen

I have worked as a (camping) tour guide in Southern Africa from 2004 to 2007. During that period I did a full-time one month course at Eco Training to learn more about the bush: its animals, trees, tracks and everything else that is part of the great African circle of life. Now I have already hosted several photosafaris in Kenya and South Africa. In addition, I have worked as a trainer and coach for seven years in the Netherlands. Back home, I am a very experienced professional photographer, especially for corporate work, but as soon as I have the opportunity, I will travel to Africa again! My work can be found on Instagram: @simone_afrika



It is recommended that you bring a camera that you are familiar with. If you have a second camera, be sure to take it with you as a backup or to quickly change swap to another lens. I recommend a wide-angle lens to take beautiful landscape photos and a telephoto (zoom) lens to bring animals closer. Think of a lens that can go up to 400, 500 or even 600 mm. Bean bags to support your lens are provided in the cars. An extender is certainly useful, although you will probably want to remove it in the evening to make your lens a bit brighter. Renting equipment is also an option! If you are not sure about your gear, please contact me.

Also remember to bring enough storage with you, also to make a backup if necessary. A laptop or many memory cards are not a superfluous luxury!


fotoreis Kenia
fotoreis Kenia


I offer this photo tour with one overnight stay in Nairobi (most flights from abroad arrive late at night), six nights in the Mara, transfer from the airport to the hotel and transfer forth and back to the Masai Mara. If you want to extend your holiday with a visit to one of the other reserves in Kenya, a stay on the coast, or if you want to fly on to Southern Africa, that is of course possible. I have contacts in both Kenya and Southern Africa who can help you with this, but of course you can also make further arrangements yourself.


What does a safari day look like?

We almost always set off early, just before sunrise. This way we know for sure that we can shoot in the best light! The days will not always be the same. Sometimes we’ll leave early, pack breakfast and stay out until lunchtime. And then we go back into the park at the end of the afternoon. But it is also possible to go shooting for a full day, with breakfast and lunch on the way. We will then be back in camp just after sunset. We look at this on the spot, depending on where the bigs cats are at that moment and everyone’s wishes.

And do you want to do nothing for (a part of) the day and read a book by the pool or work on your photos? Of course you can!


    Why is this specifically a photo tour?

    • there’s plenty of space in the cars, nobody has to sit in the middle
    • the local guide also photograph or film himself and can therefore help us find the right angle or the best light – and of course he is very knowledgeable about the animals and their behavior
    • as a wildlife photographer I can help you take the best photo (and also tell you something about most animals)
    • there is no rush to find the next animal and check off a list; we take pictures as long as we want and no one asks ‘are you ready yet?’ – you’re with like-minded people!
    • back at camp there is plenty of time to view and edit photos, learn from each other and talk about photography for hours!
    mating lions

    The practical stuff

    Travel dates: February 22 – 28, 2025

    Cost: USD 3895 per person

    The total costs are based on a double room, with a 30% deposit at the time of booking. Would you rather not share a room? That is of course also possible. For USD 600 extra you have a room/tent for yourself. The payment and price is in US dollars because you book directly with WOW safaris which is located in Kenya.


    Day 1: arrival in Nairobi at the Progressive Park Hotel, first meeting
    Day 2: early transfer from Nairobi to Mara Serena; lunch and afternoon game drive
    Day 3: overnight Mara Serena, photography
    Day 4: overnight Mara Serena, photography
    Day 5: overnight Mara Serena, photography
    Day 6: overnight Mara Serena, photography
    Day 7: overnight Mara Serena, photography
    Day 8: morning game drive, then transfer to Nairobi, arrival late afternoon

    What is included?

    • transfer on day 1 from the airport to the hotel
    • 1 nights in Nairobi Progressive Park Hotel
    • transfer to and from the Masai Mara (about 275 km one way) with our own cars
    • 6 nights accommodation at Mara Serena
    • all game drives with our own private cars (max 3 clients per car) and each with a qualified guide and photographer
    • entrance fee Masai Mara (conservation levy; subject to price changes)
    • all meals (except lunch and dinner on day 1 (air travel) and lunch and dinner on day 8)
    • coffee, tea and water

    What’s not included?

    • your flight to and from Kenya
    • visa costs (currently $51, available online from the official website of the Kenyan government)
    • any travel vaccinations and personal travel insurance
    • soft drinks and alcoholic drinks
    • tip and souvenirs
      leeuwin met welp


      You book directly with WOW Safaris. Once the trip is full, you will receive the invoice for the first deposit. This way you can guarantee yourself a place. The remaining part must be paid 90 days before the start. You are expected to arrange your own travel and cancellation insurance. The trip will take place with three or six participants.

      A safari is a special trip and we offer you the opportunity to go on a very exclusive photo trip in Kenya. You certainly won’t be disappointed. Don’t think too long, just go with it, fill in that booking form!

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the general form, DM/PM on Insta/Facebook or Whatsapp me on +31 (6) 55121414. Answers to most of the frequently asked questions you can also find in the FAQ.

      Booking form

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